A new book, "Scatter", gives guidance for Market Place Mission

God is at work today in the global marketplace, providing avenues for a new generation to advance the Great Commission through their workplace. In his new book "Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You," Andrew Scott outlines a new paradigm to do just that, engaging the global church to reach the nations through their everyday jobs. Scott invites every Christian to be God's global image bearer, and to find their part in God's plan to reach the world with the Good News. Whether you are seeking significance or direction personally, or wrestling with how "business as mission" fits into your organization's strategy, this book will both challenge and inspire you. See it at...



rome"In November of last year after many years of book table ministry on the streets of Rome, Centro Agape for Migrants was finally born. In December, a new believer from Bangladesh who we will call Innocent, arrived in Rome from Germany and we began to disciple him.  He soon became a valid helper in our work at Centro Agape, even getting to the point of helping in the teaching there, and is also involved in distribution twice a month of Evangelistic materials to Roman Catholic pilgrims who come to Rome during the current 2016 Roman Catholic Jubilee year."

Andrew and Patrica - Rome

bron-1024x682I've been talking to Ashley and the people that lead the school and they've asked if i want to go back - January till June next year. I'm trying to make that work, I really want to go back, I'm really hoping that God will let that happen, praying heaps and starting to get all the ducks in a row, it'll be hard but it'll be completely worth it.
Arnica Bron - Thailand

GC3 Today

  • Sandra, DRC (Day 10)

    DRC (1)This girl had this massive keloid operated on at Kalene hospitable on Friday by a plastic surgeon. She is to have the scar injected at 1 month and 2 months to hopefully reduce the reoccurrence of the keloid returning. Please pray for this to be successful as it has caused her so much pain and they have spent lots of money trying to find someone to treat her. Last week there were disturbances in Lubumbashi when tear gas was used to disperse a crowd who had gathered to support Moise [the previous governor who has announced that he is standing for President candidate]. He is now hospitalised in Lubumbashi as is the judge from the court as they were both injured. Pray for political stability and the moving towards calm elections.

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