goOne Story of Transformation from Baja, Mexico.

Six years ago Josefi na was in a desperate situation, searching through other people's trash for clothing and food for her family. She met one of our YWAM staff members working in her community and asked if we could help in some way. Within two months a team of students from Schulich School of Engineering, Canada, were building her and her family a new home in Tijuana, Mexico.

Every year we host thousands of participants who come to give a new home to a family in need in Mexico. This year at our campus alone we will build over 150 houses. Each home is built by a team of volunteers who give of their time and resources to respond to the call of Jesus upon us all to GO and SERVE. The programme of Homes of Hope serves the Body of Christ by helping people GO and be the hands and feet of Jesus to our broken world. Every follower of Jesus is called to GO and SERVE, and as we do we fi nd that God brings
TRANSFORMATION in those we serve and also within ourselves. Sometimes we GO across oceans, other times it's just across the backyard fence. Wherever it is for you... GO - our world needs more of Jesus.


hannahI remember one time when I was a kid in Batangas, the part of the Philippines that my parents were missionaries in, looking out the car window at people from a minority group from the next island walking along the side of the road, going to beg at people's houses. The people who lived in Batangas called people from that minority group Mangyan, and I knew that some of our family friends were missionaries who worked with the Mangyan. I remember thinking to myself, as I looked at the strange people on the side of the road, "I'm glad someone is telling them about God. I suppose someone has to. I wouldn't want to have to do it."

Sometime later, when I was thirteen, our family went on a holiday to a place where a mission group which had done a lot of the Bible translation in the Philippines had a compound for their Bible translators to stay at. While we were there, one of the Bible translators who lived there started teaching me Biblical Hebrew. It didn't take me long to work out that I absolutely loved learning Hebrew. Sometimes, I would also go and watch the Bible translators work. By the end of that holiday, I had decided that I wanted to be a Bible translator when I grew up.From then on, I started helping with translation during my school holidays. The more I helped, the more I realised what a huge need there is for translation in the Philippines. Some language groups here have no part of the Bible in their language; many others have parts of the Bible, but would like to have more. The major language groups in this country have the whole Bible, but a lot of those translations are written in language that is hard for native speakers to understand. Because of all this, a lot of people here in the Philippines think that they can't understand the Bible. I'll never forget being asked by a lady here: "Are you saying that someone like me should be able to read the Bible and understand it?" She had grown up in a Christian family and been going to church her whole life, but the Bible had never been a book that communicated to her.

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1-1024x533If you feel God is calling you to serve Him in a full-time capacity, what do you do?

Eleven important steps to follow –

1. Thank God for the prompting of His Spirit and ask Him for the faith and courage you will need. Paul's phrases in Ephesians 2:10 are a good base for this kind of prayer.

2. Check that your desire to do this is clearly from God and that you are not just running away from something that's currently a problem in your life. Establishing that it is a call of God is essential, just as it was long ago for Paul and Barnabas where Acts 13:2 records "they were called" by the Holy Spirit.

3. If you are married, check that your spouse has experienced a similar calling. If it is of God, the Spirit will call you both.

4. Correspond with the in-field people already involved in the ministry you feel called to and confirm with them that a role exists for you. An acceptance into an existing team is most important.

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  • Stuart & Marion, Japan (Day 7)

    After more than ten years, to be able to spend eight days in NZ meeting so many dear praying friends and family, was an unexpected privilege. Each of your dear faces is imprinted in my mind's eye, and as I share these with Stuart, I am not sure which country I am in! Thank you to you all, and to those I was unable to meet, I am so sorry, but please know that I/we love you all dearly, in the Lord.

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