Please pray for us as our roof is being renewed. We have had con nuous rain and it is coming inside now. Pray the rain would stop and it can be sealed and covered, along with enough sun to do the other side as quickly as possible. Please pray for our daughter Nadya. She has begun her year with OM in and around South Africa. Pray for her and the other Africa Trek team members as they get to know each other and adjust to the changing environment. Pray for safety, growth and understanding in who God is and for unity in the team. We would also ask for prayer for us as a family as we adjust to the new normal with Nadya gone.


zambiaGive thanks for our Kiwi volunteers. Gareth Bell took over teaching Grade 8 & 9 Science, his wife Sarah-Jane helped with reading and other ac vi es with Grade 7. Bob and Thomas Duxfield and Gareth repaired the roof from one of the classroom blocks at Luyando when it was blown off. Thomas and Gareth have another four to six weeks here, while Gemma will be returning to New Zealand in October.



USA (1)
One of our YWAM Ships, HAWAII ALOHA returns to Kona this week after being deployed in Micronesia for nine months. Many heard the gospel and responded, received Bibles and medical care. This was accomplished because you prayed, volunteered and gave. Thank you! Volunteer man hours 35,472, villages visited 72, churches visited 47, vaccinations 336, OBGYN parents 97, upskilled health workers such as midwives 55, primary health care pa(ents 461, service projects 31, audiology 1, optometry services 307, trained/educated 2312. Total served 3,568.

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