At the just-round-the-corner shop they sell hot chili sauce in tiny plastic bags of  3x3cms. We'll be buying some this week for our seven Mexican visitors. Pray for  their gospel outreach that includes the stirring testimony of one woman's struggle  with cancer and her healing. Pray for many to be won for Christ in the four meetings  scheduled.

Give thanks for a group of ten coming out to visit at Christmas. Pray for Shaz  Hathaway as she co-ordinates all the visa requirements. Pray for all the vehicle  maintenance and spare parts required to keep everything in safe condition. This is  always so hard with no mechanic available. Pray for Mary coming to collect me in  Lubumbashi and for obtaining the medicines we need. The rainy season has arrived  so many people prepare their ground for planting maize etc. Schools begin their  new terms.

Matthias and Joel our new pilots, are up in the Zambezi for another nine days and things are going well. The agriculture/pump projects which we started over three months ago are flourishing and some vegetables are already being harvested. Lots to be thankful for.

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