teach-850x637For the last three years I have been training to become a primary teacher and I believed that God was calling me into it. Recently I had a spanner thrown into the works; unexpectedly I did not complete my final practicum and so had to make some adjustments to plans. I am wanting to complete the degree but am just needing some better perspective to cross the finish line.

In going to this conference for me, I am expecting that it will be an encouragement and insightful experience. Encouraging in that I will meet, learn and engage with passionate people that are seeking to make Jesus famous around the world. Insightful in that I will be engaging in a cross-cultural context that I have not had much experience in, with the Indonesians and people of the Islamic faith.

The conference will provide me with more of a perspective on how God is working around the world and in the hearts of other people. God is so great and I don't think that this opportunity has come up coincidentally. God is inviting us to be a part of something and I am looking forward to seeing what that is.

- Brady Kerewaro, Whangarei

gc3I am currently an intern at Chapel Hill Community Church in Hamilton working with the youth group and studying at Pathways College of Bible and Mission. After interning with Headspace last year, my passion for missions has developed and I want to share that with both the youth in my church and anywhere else that I can in NZ. I think that missions should be a core understanding of why we follow Christ, so I want to grow in my understanding of it and share it with others, especially the youth of NZ. I hope that when I return from the PITH Conference in Indonesia, I will have a greater understanding of my role in mission and how I can educate youth and show them how they can be involved in the greater plan God has for our lives!

Hannah Munro - Hamilton, New Zealand

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  • Peter & Annette, (Day 18)

    Peter & Annette leave NZ next week for a spiritual refreshment sabbatical trip to Europe. A primary goal will be to reflect on our Christian heritage at such significant locations as the monastery on Iona in Scotland, the Cathedral of Canterbury in England, the island of Malta, Wittenberg where Luther's 93 theses on the castle door began the Reformation by which we all have been so blessed in Christ, and finally Prague where the martyr Jan Hus was a courageous pre-Reformer. Another primary goal will be to enjoy spiritually invigorating times in Europe with old friends from our stints in mission in India and Thailand. Please pray for our very elderly parents as we are away for ten weeks.

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