We're grateful to each have another one-year multiple entry business visa. Wendy is now up north in K for six  weeks with  teacher training work, equipping a local Bible College consortium. John has a trip to the far north for a leadership  seminar, then a week in K with Wendy, assisting with a few strategic matters. Pray that we'll  be aware of what God is up  to as we go about our work.

Prayer would be appreciated for Golden Week Camps in early May. The Sugadaira camp is scheduled for May 4th - 6th and Mr Narita and Mr Miwata are to give ministry then. Being 'traffic jam season' please pray for campers as they attempt to travel to and from camps. Thank you for praying for Japan.

Pray for the preparation of a teachers training week and team development week. I need to prepare a few things for this week and would appreciate prayers for things that I'm not highly qualified for. Pray also for preparations for the new school year and the mass of administration, co-ordina'on and so forth that needs to happen in the next few weeks. Pray for the two boys who went to see their dad, pray they are ok. We haven't heard anything since they left. Pray for two of our teachers who won't be teaching this year but have just got married. Pray for their new journey. Pray for lots of wisdom, energy and creativity as there just seems lots to do before the new school year.

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