Alongside our humanitarian work, Mercy Air partners with those involved in church planng evangelism. After more than a year transporting teams to the Zambezi Delta village of Rampa to teach the "Firm Foundations" Bible programme – this past outreach they finally heard the "Gospel message" and 33 people made a decision to be followers of Christ. Pray that they will remain strong in their faith as they have li,le support. Pray for Elisa – a Godly woman who leads the evangelisc work – that she will maintain her passion for this ministry that she is so gifted in. We are privileged to be part of it.




We have 129 students in at the moment. Please pray we will all be kept well and there will be good learning outcomes from the teaching sessions. Once school finishes in five weeks me, we will then be spending time shopping for supplies. Pray for some rest during this period.




We have just had our roof ripped off by a terrible storm. Everything inside got soaked. We are in a huge mess. Pray that Frank will be able to replace the roof before Thursday when rain is forecast. Praise the Lord that brothers here came down in the dark (power out) to help us and that a Christian couple from the capital are travelling up tomorrow to help.




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