Praise the Lord that Mary travelled safely by car to Sakeji & back picking up Gordon & Dorothy who are here doing evangelistic work for the next five weeks. The bus ended up in the river as the driver fell asleep. Sadly three people died but there could have been more. We had 490 children at the Easter Sunday school meeting today. The senior girls did really well leading the singing. We have more youth meetings this week Thurs-Sun, then the following week we will be going on outreaches. Pray for Mutondo doing the translation that he will put across the true meaning. There have been stirring letters to some of the leaders accusing them of destroying the church here. Pray for unity and that those who are stirring will be caught out. When God works the devil is also working.

Since returning last month to Guatemala, Graham has had some health problems. The bursitis in his shoulder is improving but the severe inflammation of his vocal cords, means he has very little or no voice and the specialist for this says it will be at least three months of treatment. So far there is no improvement and he is scheduled to speak at Easter Spanish conferences in Houston so we would ask for prayer that he may gain enough voice to be able to do this, plus the energy to prepare for this. We also want to thank all who prayed for our situation with WINZ as they have gone in our favour but now we will return in July to negotiate what our situation will be from now on. The Lord has been so faithful to us and we can only praise and give Him the thanks, knowing He has everything in control.

The radio work of Latino Evangelistic Ministries in Los Angeles still continues with an hour long broadcast every Saturday aFernoon at 3.00 pm. The programme is varied with music and preaching. My teaching slot is at the beginning of the programme. There is also a Christian radio station in Hesperia, that continues to broadcast my programme most days of the week to fill in empty slots. The announcer there was the man who helped me when I first started doing broadcasts live twenty years ago. There are some good contacts as a result of the radio ministry. Pray that the Lord would bless the preaching of the gospel as it goes out into the Spanish speaking world. We are making a three month ministry trip to Los Angeles, Colombia and the UK starting 29th April. Your prayers for the Lord's blessing and safety would be appreciated.

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