But the book is...not too hard to grasp, and its basic principle – "that the Christian conception of God provided the foundation for what became an unprecedented form of human society" – is, when you think about it, mind-bending. (27/01/2015)

The author is Oxford historian and philosopher Larry Siedentop. He traces the history of what we now call Western Civilisation, from the Roman Empire to the end of the Middle Ages. Little by little, step by step, the outlook of Europeans changed radically. Many of the consequences were unintended. Who would have guessed that the life and teachings of a Jewish rabbi would have produced such outcomes as Western democracy? Siedentop traces how this came about.

Earlier this year I was thinking about how Christianity builds a new form of human society, as I sat in a funeral, in a Fijian village. We were mourning the passing of a deaf Fijian man. Serevi had been a leader in the deaf community, and he had had prominent roles in Fijian special education. There was a big turnout. Vibrant tropical flowers adorned the simple church, skilfully crafted mats and tapa cloth overlaid the coffin, and the beautiful harmonies of the village choir led the event, and followed each speaker. Each speaker's contribution was translated into signlanguage, or, if they were Deaf, the translation was into Fijian and/or into English. The local sign-interpreters were fluent and competent, as were the deaf speakers. And yet the history of sign-language use in Fiji is short. The most significant players in the introduction of deaf communication were Christians motivated by a certain belief about God and about people.


Psalms-Series-graphic-1024x576The Psalms are the song book of ancient Israel. They are varied. There are Psalms that speak out the highest levels of worship and praise, the deepest depths of discouragement and despair and the widest visions of the knowledge of God. Some psalms share the innermost and hard-won lessons from personal and national history. Others are designed to share the faith with the next and future generations.

Despite its ups and downs, the nation of Israel was called by God to be a missionary nation. Their calling was to reflect the knowledge of the one true God, Yahweh, in lifestyle, in the classroom, the law court, and in personal and corporate worship. Often their history is marked by failure, but they discovered that their God, unlike any substitute god, was not just a God of righteousness and judgment, but a God who forgives, restores and is willing to start again.

The Psalms reflect the unshakeable faith in this God who is Lord of all creation, Lord of all nations, as well as Lord of Israel. The Psalms lay out a seed-bed of hope – hope that the present, which often felt like a desert, would one day blossom again with life, new growth, fruitful harvest and happy worshippers of the one true and only God. Out of those hopes grew the belief that one day a Saviour would come to Israel, the Messiah, who would bring about this salvation and realise the hope of Israel's faith.

So the Psalms can function for us as a seed-bed of ideas and expressions for the mission of God through His people, and so, ultimately, a focus for God's call on each of our lives. Let The Psalms speak to us in this way!

Ossie & Jenny
Day 3 – GC3 Daily Prayer Guide

hasties1-1024x518On October 2nd 2016, Kerry, Marie, Johanna, Ethan and Jesse flew from New Zealand to Australia to begin serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship International (MAFI). They have rented a home in Tolga, on the tablelands. It takes Kerry approximately twelve minutes to get to work at Mareeba Airport. Johanna and Ethan are attending Atherton State High School and Jesse attends Atherton State Primary School.

What exactly do you do over there?
Kerry is part of an international team of aircraft engineers serving with MAFI based at the Mareeba Airport in far North Queensland, Australia. It is the main base for the Pacific arm of MAFI. Here the engineers carry out heavy maintenance for about 35 aircraft from Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Arnhem Land Australia and Bangladesh. Heavy maintenance usually means a check involving a complete strip down of the aircraft to bring it back to its original new condition. This usually happens every 3,000hrs of flight for MAFI aircraft. They also service the five aircraft MAFI's flying school use for training pilots in Mareeba.


GC3 Today

  • John, Travelling Overseas (Day 22)

    Thank you for praying for us this past week. Join with us in praising God for a very fruitful time. The AGM meetings covered major issues facing church development, education, health and the property. There was a real sense of unity between groups. Significant decisions were made to advance God’s kingdom, including the establishment of a new Foundation to manage income generation properties. John worked with the chairperson of the AGM to present and pass some strategic resolutions. Pray for Kevin & Yvonne as they work with churches in the urban areas and for John as he works in the National Office. God is continuing to build His church and we marvel at what He is doing. We appreciate your partnership with us.

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