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Our three day Summer School 23 - 5/7 has been changed to 'Special Summer Kidz' 31/7 - 1/8. May the faithful ten members of Kidz club bring many friends and the outreach to children be blessed.

Currently I am in Oamaru. Mum has been hospitalised with a gangrenous toe and has had surgery. She has  come through this well. She had pain in the foot but it was being controlled by morphine. She is to have one of   her leg arteries flushed  through in the next two days and then hopefully they won't have to remove some of her foot. Pray for a good blood supply  to come in and a good recovery period.  Give thanks for the first graduation of students who had done the four year course at Bible school at Katoka. It was a  grand occasion. Give thanks for Daniella from France who is there with Mary for five weeks.

Please pray for the new students, soon arriving to begin studies here at the National Training Centre. They come to be trained as cross-cultural church planters and due to the diverse nature of the country where we   serve, coming here in  itself is a cross-cultural experience! Please pray that they will settle in well and be  moulded by the Lord over the next  four years, to become useful tools in His hand.

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