We are pleased that the final checking on the revised version of Graeme's Tagalog commentary/study book on Romans is finally finished and it is being prepared for printing. This has taken considerably longer than
expected. Pray that many would be become better Christians and better understand their faith through this book. Pray also for the Lord's help with the various checks we are helping a Tagalog translation team with over the next month and for the never ending preparaon for various speaking engagements. Pray also for our daughter Hannah, who is to arrive next week to help again with translation work over her summer holidays.

Praise God for a great trip to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Burundi and Ethiopia, visiting Bright Hope World partners. The main aim for this trip was training in Foundations for Farming with its strong biblical emphasis. The response in various places was enthusiasc. It is so encouraging to see the impact of this training on people's lives.



Please pray for the ministry of Christian Mission Charitable Trust. Pray for the many people living in the slums. We have been having monsoon rains and we are expecting a lot more rain. It is affecting those who have no proper shelter. Pray for the social workers working in the soup kitchens. We need wisdom to know how to help those living in terrible conditions of poverty. Pray for us as we prepare for the end of the year programmes. We have the Every Girls and Boys Rally break-ups and sponsorship end of the year programmes. The staff are busy. Many are having what we call here "Madras eye" which is very bad eye infection. We have many children in the orphanage also with this eye infection. Pray for healing and for protecti on for all of us from diseases during the monsoon rains.

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