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This short video clip by Werner Mischke, Discovering Honor Shame Dynamics, is an introduction to the concept of Honor and Shame within a Biblical context.

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rome2Rome is a real mix of ancient and new, of Western and Eastern elements, of well kept monuments and newer roads full of pot holes (in the photo above someone sarcastically wrote "Pompei" because of the ruined state of a road in a residential area close to home). This is the situation we work in".
Andrew and Patrica - Rome

A new book, "Scatter", gives guidance for Market Place Mission

God is at work today in the global marketplace, providing avenues for a new generation to advance the Great Commission through their workplace. In his new book "Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You," Andrew Scott outlines a new paradigm to do just that, engaging the global church to reach the nations through their everyday jobs. Scott invites every Christian to be God's global image bearer, and to find their part in God's plan to reach the world with the Good News. Whether you are seeking significance or direction personally, or wrestling with how "business as mission" fits into your organization's strategy, this book will both challenge and inspire you. See it at...



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  • Phyllis, India (Day 8)

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    Days are hot and humid and busy! Schools re-opening, Bible College re-opening, and all the 'spring cleaning' and maintenance to be completed! Books, bags and uniforms to be seen to! Dormitory space to be sorted out along with blankets and pillows. All the documentation to be completed according to the new government rules and regulations. We need special wisdom as there are a number of serious issues facing us at this time.

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