Thank you for praying for the family of surgeon Sarah Lantz, who passed away in the US last Tuesday. Sarah had worked at Mukinge for 18 months. Thank you for praying for a surgeon and anaesthetist for Mukinge Hospital.

Please pray for clarity in my role with our team and partners. I will still continue to manage our field finances (which are a little bit behind at present!) and will continue with a much smaller role in our leadership team. Next week I will spend a day coaching at Shalom and have meetings to discuss other possibilities to be involved in training. Please pray for God to continue to lead as I seek to invest in the growth of people.

India (1)
Please continue to pray for flood stricken Chennai. Today, we received the tragic news that the father of one of the Bethany Primary School boys in the 3rd standard was drowned in the Coovum river, opposite our building and his body was recovered in Nagapattinam, 400kms away in the sea. Grandparents of two of our children in our orphanage were drowned. The children were taken out to see the bodies of their grandparents. An elderly couple's bodies were found in a house many days later as water receded. So many other lives have also been lost. Every day we are hearing of people missing – there are 1000s of them. This story can be repeated over and over. It is heart-breaking. It is the worst flood in 100 years and the first time I am seeing such a tragedy in all my years in India. We had to cancel all our Christmas programmes. We have a big job ahead of us for rehabilitating people and families. Please pray for great wisdom from the Lord.

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