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Pray for grades seven and nine pupils at Limapela Cedric's as they prepare for their national exams in October. Pray for effective teaching in the classroom and for establishing Christian values and commitment amongst our pupils. The new Rotary funded ablu&on block is now in use. We think it is more flash than any hotel in town, and both staff and pupils are very happy





Natalie is one of the managers of a family business, a factory that makes enormous plas&c bags used in the commercialisation of bananas. (See photo) Her first contact with the gospel as a teenager le, her with a thirst to know more and a few weeks ago she came to put her spiritual life in order. As a result she has been able to make some important decisions in the factory. When we were invited to pray in the premises, several workers approached us for prayer. This isn't about progress in a factory; it's about God's interven&on in a family with spiritual needs. Please pray.



We are coming up to one week in Orlando and have most things sorted out. Our main prayer request at the moment is to find a suitable car to buy. Pray that the kids settle into school well - they start on August 18th.




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