wk4The teams are still in the locations they were last week, teaching Hmong and Karen people. Pray for the teams as they continue a full-on schedule that they would continue to be energised and excited for the work they are doing. Also pray that relationships that have started to form would be strengthened and that through these there would be opportunities for conversations where they can share their faith.

wk3The team has split into two smaller groups for the next two weeks. Team One is teaching at a school for Hmong people and partnering with the local church and Wycliffe Thailand. Team Two has headed for Noh Bo and will be teaching at a school for the Karen people. They will be teaching English and spending time with students as well as leading Bible studies and Bible assemblies. Both of these locations are quite full on so pray for endurance for the gappers and the leaders as well as for opportunities to create friendships with the people they are serving and partnering with.

wk2The team teaches in a high school. This school is less open to the gospel; however, over time the teams have formed relationships and built up trust and so are able to share more freely about the gospel of Jesus. During this time, the team will run English camps and have opportunities to share the gospel through the team dramas. Pray for engagement when we are sharing the gospel and for strength for the gappers as they teach for the first time.

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  • Dallas, South Sudan (Day 10)

    ease give thanks I have arrived safely in Juba, South Sudan. Please pray for me as I settle into my life and role here and for long lasting peace and prosperity for South Sudan.

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