There are so many stories to tell, and the honour and joy was ours to see the response of many hearts that were depressed and how they were lifted when we handed them their food rations. We bypassed many that could afford to pick themselves up again and concentrated on the lame, the widows, the old, the sick and the single mothers. In Rakiraki people were not planting because they said it is still cyclone season and they would rather wait and plant when it is over the danger zone. We saw a cassava plantation that had rotted from the roots.

My memorable incident was when a Fijian lady dropped to the ground, wept, raised her hands to the heavens and praised God for answering her prayers. As soon as we told her who we were and how we had partnered with our NZ counterparts to deliver help, she wept and continued to praise God even more before opening her carton. No help had come to those areas. They were having only one meal a day for the last 3 days. On that morning when we prayed I asked the Lord to lead us to the man or woman that was praying for food. Her home was a walk in. We could have missed her if the Lord had not guided us.

Each home had a story to tell.

Seema's Story.
Seema is the Indian girl in my distribution team and was a displaced Flood victim. We met her when we delivered her food ration during the flooding of March 2012. She had accepted the Lord two months before that. When we told her who we were, she invited us into her home and asked us to pray for her. After two weeks I was moved to contact her again. They had packed and were looking for a place. One worker in our church had gone to Malaysia to work at an orphanage, so his room was empty. We offered it to Seema and her husband and 3 children for a short term. They farmed our small piece of land and we eventually found work for her husband. Seema, meanwhile was seeing the hand of her God in her new found faith and her faith took an overnight leap. She joined our cell group and almost every meeting Seema is bringing new people into the group. First she brought her father in law and we shared with him. He received the Lord. The she brought her niece and her niece's husband. They accepted the Lord. Her husband was introduced to the Lord and he too accepted the Lord. Except for her father in law who had returned to Lautoka all these people were baptised in October 2012. Seema and her husband are ministering to a chemist who has been attending church for the last two months. She begged me if she could go do the delivery this time around. I told her I needed a boy, she said "I can carry the cartons." She was very useful because she did the explaining in Hindustani and where appropriate she shared her testimony.

One sows, another waters, but it is God who causes the growth

What a vision GCIM has. What a ministry.

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