youth-850x388After meeting at GLO, Malcolm and I settled in Wanganui and raised three children. Ingestre Street Bible Church has been our church family for the past twenty-eight years. Malcolm established a building business that steadily grew. Over the years we were involved in church leadership, along with family, youth, and young adult ministries. We also became host parents to a steady stream of international students. With an "opendoor" policy, our home often resembled a train station. Aware of the needs around us and lack of training, I became a distance student through Laidlaw College and majored in pastoral care.

We have always had an interest in mission and have led a couple of mission teams to Fiji. At times we seriously considered moving into full-time involvement. However, the timing or positions weren't ideal. We wanted to work in a ministry that utilised both of our giftings and allowed us to work as a team. Our hearts lay in young adult ministry. For years we talked of moving into youth hostel work once our children were independent.

This year our youngest attended Headspace which gave us insight into the mission. Malcolm felt the time had come for us to consider mission opportunities. He asked whether I still had a heart for working with young adults, and encouraged me to step down from youth ministry to complete my degree. Together we prayed for direction.

When I saw the advertisement for the Headspace leadership role, my initial thoughts were, "Wow, I would love to be involved in something like that!" However, I assumed that they would want younger leaders, not "empty nesters" like us. I vividly remember the eerie feeling as I scrolled through the very specifi c requirements and realised we met the criteria. This posed a daunting dilemma. Was I really willing to step out in faith and follow God's leading? We were very comfortable with our fairly predictable life, lovely home, fi nancial security and church family. Moving into this mission would expose all sorts of uncertainties. From a business perspective, such a move seemed crazy! Despite my concerns, I couldn't help but wonder whether much of our life journey may have been to prepare us for such an adventure.

Malcolm continues...

When Rosanne brought up the idea of leading the Headspace team, I was really enthusiastic. We had talked about this type of thing for years, and had been praying for direction. It seemed like perfect timing now our children had left home and Rosanne's studies were coming to an end. This opportunity would utilise all our skills and gifts, and we could work as a team. We shared the idea with respected Christian friends. Everyone was only encouraging.

From there things moved quickly. After our position was confi rmed, God answered our prayers in amazing ways. Rosanne was able to juggle papers to complete her degree. Our property sold quickly and our pets were offered loving homes. My workers secured jobs and we were kindly offered accommodation while we trained. It was a busy time, and not without some serious challenges. However, God has faithfully carried us through and we are excited to see how he might use us as we invest our lives into the GC3 Headspace ministry.

Malcolm & Rosanne Rea


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