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'As thou goest' – "Goodbye New Zealand!"
"Hello India!"

No great missionary this! Just a happy, young, apprehensive New Zealander with no experience, no special training, no plans 'to do' or 'to be', no special 'gift' – not wise or mighty or noble; just one of the 'weak things of this world' ...

But, 100% sure that the call to Rehoboth was from God and He would lead 'step by step' and provide. And He has ... miraculously ... 'step by step'.

Once I had to be in the offi ce of the Income Tax Inspector. He asked me how I would provide for all the children's needs with no sponsors or guaranteed support. I replied, "Our Heavenly Father will provide." Many years later I had reason to go again to the IT Offi ce but in a different place. That previous Income Tax Offi cer had been transferred and I did not recognise him but as soon as I walked in he recognised me and even before I sat down he looked at me and asked, "And has your Heavenly Father provided all these years?" And with what joy and confi dence I could reply, "Yes!" After all these years my heart still stands in awe, at the gracious compassionate way our Father supplies every need.

No thought of 'church planting' – but ... 'step by step' ...

I went to a village to buy goats! The children wanted to do some 'goat rearing'. What an experience for the people in that village! A white lady driving a black car! The news spread and soon there was a large group of curious onlookers - especially children! I bought the goats but was given a greater task than looking after goats! God spoke in the recesses of my heart, "What about all those little boys who look after the goats? ... What are you going to do about them?" So my friend Saramma and I began a weekly trek to the village eight miles away. We went by bus and walked home. We both had other commitments but God enabled us to walk the hills and visit homes and start a children's class on Saturdays, a ladies' class on Sundays and a Bible class on Tuesday evenings and God added those that should be saved ... and today?... A local church; a beautiful group of believers reaching out to their own community. Again I stand in awe at the 'great things God has done'.

And what about the orphanage? No thought of increasing the numbers! ... But 'step by step'!

A lady came to the door with a toddler. I asked my predecessors, "What shall I do? Shall I admit the child?" And they replied, "We have reduced the numbers as much as possible. There are 35 children left with nowhere to go. Now it is up to you to make the decision. How much faith do you have? There is no bank balance. Now the choice is yours to take in more children or not!" I didn't make a conscious decision but 'step by step' the Lord led and gave the wisdom and help. Then the babies started coming: there were babies on the bed beside me, babies in the dining room, babies in the sitting room and with the babies came sleepless nights, wet nappies, bottles to be boiled, milk mixtures to make ... And the number of children increased to 80, to 100, to 200. I still don't know the answer to how much faith I have but I stand in awe at the faithfulness and greatness of my God who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all; and He has proved His Word, that HE is able to make "all grace abound unto every good work."

And 'step by step': the burden came for a place where young people could learn to love and to study the Bible. A few of us with empty pockets stood on an empty piece of land one December and asked God to have a building ready for students by the fi rst of June - and two rooms with mud fl oors, unplastered walls and a thatched roof were ready – built on a foundation strong enough for the building as it is today – two storied with eight large class rooms. I stand in awe as today there are seventy young people from many states of India studying the Word and then going back to share that Word to others.

And ... 'step by step' God has led through all the experiences of life to teach that He is the All-Suffi cient God. Suffi cient in times of loneliness and sickness, suffi cient in times of being misunderstood and falsely accused; suffi cient in times of bickering and divisions; and suffi cient in times of discouragement and even despair. Who is suffi cient for these things? I stand in awe as I say, "Our suffi ciency is from God"

So to any who are coming behind me, on this my 81st birthday, let me call back and say,

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."

"Praise the Saviour, you who know Him, who can tell how much we owe Him, gladly let us render to Him, all we have and are."

Phyllis, Rehoboth Orphanage - India



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