paristribute-1024x682Yet again in this past week we have been faced with the grim reality of multiple atrocities to humankind around the world. Let's stand together in prayer with millions around the world, interceding on behalf of the exploding number of displaced and grieving people in the multiple trouble-spots around the planet.

I know God can draw your heart in prayer towards something unique but here are some ideas that might help you.

Pray for:

- those who have lost family and friends in wanton acts of violence, that they might know the love of God and the comfort of the Holy Spirit in their grief

- political leaders globally as they grapple to respond appropriately, that they might be courageous yet cautious so as not to inflame terror and bloodshed

- evil to be exposed, that the perpetrators be found and brought to justice

- people to genuinely turn to God, that they will find the peace and hope only He can bring

And let's remind ourselves that our God is sovereign, that we can with confidence put our trust and hope in Him no matter what might be going on around us.

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