stormThank you to all the people who have contributed to our appeal already. Last week $5,000 was sent from our emergency fund in anticipation of gifts coming in.

Here are excerpts from an initial report from Lute Powell who has been helping out.

I have just arrived back from Rakiraki doing some initial distribution and having a feel of the situation on the ground. One gets affected by the enormous need of the people. We spent two nights in a tent while the owners of the property slept under a tarpaulin. The tent was handy because we could not finish our distribution in half a day.

We took twenty four garbage bags of clothing and three boxes of Bibles and it was a miracle that others brought in food items to be distributed. We combined our resources and packed them into bags provided and we distributed the lot for them. That was my miracle because I told the Lord I would love to add food items to this distribution.

Each survivor had his own unique tale to tell. It was a moment of terror, horror and an experience equal to a war zone as they scuffled for cover. I carry the images in my mind. There is a sense of satisfaction that you have served the Lord this way, but I am sad that I did not have a tent to give to a family of six who still sleep on the back of a carrier when we left.

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