goOne Story of Transformation from Baja, Mexico.

Six years ago Josefi na was in a desperate situation, searching through other people's trash for clothing and food for her family. She met one of our YWAM staff members working in her community and asked if we could help in some way. Within two months a team of students from Schulich School of Engineering, Canada, were building her and her family a new home in Tijuana, Mexico.

Every year we host thousands of participants who come to give a new home to a family in need in Mexico. This year at our campus alone we will build over 150 houses. Each home is built by a team of volunteers who give of their time and resources to respond to the call of Jesus upon us all to GO and SERVE. The programme of Homes of Hope serves the Body of Christ by helping people GO and be the hands and feet of Jesus to our broken world. Every follower of Jesus is called to GO and SERVE, and as we do we fi nd that God brings
TRANSFORMATION in those we serve and also within ourselves. Sometimes we GO across oceans, other times it's just across the backyard fence. Wherever it is for you... GO - our world needs more of Jesus.

On receiving the brand new home Josefi na explained, "I always knew there was a God, but I didn't know that He cared about me." Every family we build for receives a free house but also the off er of an eternal home built by Jesus Christ himself. Josefi na, and her husband Eric, responded to this off er and began attending their local church in gratitude to God. Within months they were baptised and began serving at a local orphanage. The transformation in them resulted in them GO-ing and serving.

Transformation does not just occur in those being served but also in those doing the serving. We constantly hear from those who come and build that they are surprised how much God does within them over the two-day construction. I once built with a team of 25 young executives from the US. None of them were Christians. However, during debrief one of the guys told the group, "I have never felt anything like this before. If this is what the God thing is all about then I think I'm going to start going to church." When we Go and Serve, we not only bring transformation but we are transformed ourselves.

A few years down the track Eric and Josefi na were invited to attend a ten week night school our campus runs. They loved it and in April 2014 they did a fi ve month Discipleship Training School with YWAM that Korrin was helping staff . During this school they felt called to join YWAM San Diego/Baja as fulltime staff . Currently they work with Mark in the Homes of Hope ministry heading up the family selection team that selects the families who receive homes. Just the other day I was with Eric in a local community when a lady responded to something he said by saying a typical cultural response, "Gracias a Dios." (Thanks to God). He responded by sharing his testimony of receiving a house from God and his way of saying thank you was to start attending church and pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus. He is the hands and feet of Jesus bringing transformation to his own community and people.

We are excited with the possibility of two teams coming to serve with us from New Zealand in 2017 from Putaruru Gospel Chapel and Northgate Community Church, Hamilton. If you would like to know more about serving here with us let us know.

Mark & Korrin



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