Schools have recommenced and we are very delighted that we have many children admitted into our Bethany Primary English Medium School at Mogappair.  At the moment we are doing modification work on our building in order to get the No Objection Certificate from the Fire Department.  This is an urgent prayer request.  The Fire Department Officials are coming for an inspection on the 29th and this would help us to get a renewal of our registration for our Orphanage. We have just taken eight new children into our Orphanage and would ask you to pray for them. The days are still very hot. Please pray for staff who go out daily on Project work.

Continue to pray for the Bible Study Retreat this weekend. Pray for the preparation for the  studies, that people will make an effort to attend as well as for safety as many will be travelling long distances. Also pray for help getting the new units finished. There is so much to do. We hope to have one partly ready so a few maybe able to sleep there this weekend. The others only have the walls and roof so far.

The fortnight spent with the Kalaymyo Consortium of Bible Colleges was productive.  It was encouraging to see faculty make progress in transition from rote learning towards understanding how to encourage students to achieve deeper learning and genuine understanding.  Orientation of the newly appointed part-time academic dean (Moody L) was achieved.  "The greatest need in Myanmar is for competent, well-trained, godly leaders." - Dr Aung Mang.  This is the task that has occupied my heart and soul.  Thank you for sharing in this with your prayers.  It will be delightful to arrive back in NZ this Thursday.  Your prayers are sought for effective treatment of Denise's cancer.

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