1-1024x533If you feel God is calling you to serve Him in a full-time capacity, what do you do?

Eleven important steps to follow –

1. Thank God for the prompting of His Spirit and ask Him for the faith and courage you will need. Paul's phrases in Ephesians 2:10 are a good base for this kind of prayer.

2. Check that your desire to do this is clearly from God and that you are not just running away from something that's currently a problem in your life. Establishing that it is a call of God is essential, just as it was long ago for Paul and Barnabas where Acts 13:2 records "they were called" by the Holy Spirit.

3. If you are married, check that your spouse has experienced a similar calling. If it is of God, the Spirit will call you both.

4. Correspond with the in-field people already involved in the ministry you feel called to and confirm with them that a role exists for you. An acceptance into an existing team is most important.

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This short video clip by Werner Mischke, Image Of Limited Good, is an introduction to the concept of Honor and Shame within a Biblical context.

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